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Artículos en revistas con refereo indizadas en el ISI

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Artículos in extenso de memorias de congresos y proceedings

Masset, Frederic and Benítez-Llambay, Pablo, Planet-Disk Interaction on the GPU: the FARGO3D code, procedings of the ASTRONUM 2014 conf. held in Long Beach, Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series, 6/2014
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Foglizzo, Thierry; Masset, Frédéric; Guilet, Jérôme; Durand, Gilles. 
A shallow water analogue of asymmetric core-collapse, and neutron star kick/spin.
Death of Massive Stars: Supernovae and Gamma-Ray Bursts, Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union, IAU Symposium, Volume 279, p. 134-137

Capítulos de libros

Recent developments in planet migration theory, Clément Baruteau, Frédéric Masset, Tides in Astronomy and Astrophysics, pp. 201-253, Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Planet-Disc Interactions and Early Evolution of Planetary Systems, Clément Baruteau, Aurélien Crida, Sijme-Jan Paardekooper, Frédéric Masset, Jérôme Guilet, Bertram Bitsch, Richard P Nelson, Wilhelm Kley, John CB Papaloizou
Baruteau, Clément; Masset, Frédéric
Recent developments in planet migration theory
Review article to be published in "Tidal effects in Astronomy and Astrophysics", Lecture Notes in Physics