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Artículos en revistas con refereo indizadas en el ISI

Denhi Martínez, Teonanacatl Bautista, Jair Zarza, Carmen Cisneros, Ignacio Alvarez and Alfonso Guerrero. Photofragmentation of Formic Acid.
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Electron capture cross sections for Li+ colliding on H and H2in the low keV energy Región
Phys. Rev. A 82, 022718 (2010)

Artículos in extenso de memorias de congresos y procedings

Denhi Martinez, Ignacio Alvarez, Alfonso Guerrero and Carmen CisnerosDetection of HCO+, NO+, CNOH+ and CH3+ by multiphoton dissociation of the Nitromethane.  Journal of Physics: Conference Series 635 (2015) 112004.
A M Covington, A Aguilar, I R Covington, G Hinojosa, C A Shirley, R A Phaneuf, I Álvarez, C Cisneros, I Dominguez-Lopez, M M Sant'Anna, A S Schlachter, C P Ballance and B M McLaughlin. Valence-shell photoionization of Cℓ-like Ar+ Ions
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Confinement resonances in photoionization of endohedral Xe@C 60 +
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 388 (PART 2) , art. no. 022003(2012)        
Poveda, J.C., Guerrero, A., Álvarez, I., Cisneros, C.
Two step laser desorption - laser ionization of PAHs. Experimental Setup
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 388  art. no. 142017 (2012)
Poveda, J.C., Muñoz, L., Álvarez, I., Cisneros, C.
Transition limit regimen between multiphoton and barrier suppression ionization. Analysis of Benzene, Coronene and Circumcoronene.
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 388 (PART 3) , art. no. 032046 (2012)     
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Electron capture cross section for Li on H and HS-2S. Experiment and Theory
41st Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics
González A.L., Guerrero A., Poveda J.C*., Álvarez I.  and  Cisneros C.
Angular Distribution for Li0 Formation in Single Collision of Li+ on Different Gases
CP1099, Application of Accelerators in Research and Industry, 20th Int Conf (2009) pp 195-197
Poveda J.C., Álvarez I., and Cisneros C.
Deprotonation cross sections for naphthalene molecular ion with 266nm laser radiation
ICPEAC 2009. XXVI International Conference on Photonics, Electronic and Atomic Collisions
July 22 - 28 July Kalamazoo, Michigan – USA

Capítulos de libros

Ignacio Alvarez Torres, Remigio Cabrera-Trujillo, Maria del Carmen Cisneros Gudiño, Horacio Martinez Valencia y Rocio Jauregui Renau, CAPITULO: La Física Atómica, Molecular y Óptica en México, LIBRO: La Física en Mexico Volumen Unico, pags, 293-302 (2016).

Poveda, J.C., Álvarez, I., Cisneros, C.  
Molecular ionization-dissociation of naphtalene   in the multiple absorption regimes
In   Naphtalene: Structure, Properties and Applications
Eds,:  Gleg I. Antsyforov, and Alyona F. Ivanski  Nova Science Publishers (2012) ISBN:978-161942-5502