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Artículos en revistas con refereo indizadas en el ISI

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Simultaneous Determination of the Elastic Properties of the Lipid Bilayer by Atomic Force Microscopy: Bending, Tension and Adhesion
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Differential, state-to-state,and total-charge-transfer cross sections for H+ colliding with Ar.
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Artículos en revistas con refereo no indizadas

 A. Amaya-Tapia and A. AntillónEnergy distributions for ionization in ion-atom collisions. arXiv: 1601.05848[physics-chem.ph] (2015).


Artículos in extenso de memorias de congresos y procedings

A. Amaya-Tapia, A. Antillón.
ECC in proton-H collisions at keV projectile energy.
J. Phys.  Conference Series 388, 082002 (2012)

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Armando Antillón, José Jiménez y Matías Moreno. Momentum gathers towards a Mexican Light Source. Forum on International Physics, The Americal Physical Society, Fall 2015 Newsletter, Ernie Malamud, Editor.