The 8th Symposium on Quantum Theory and Symmetries

El Colegio Nacional, Mexico City, 5-9 August, 2013

The QTS Symposia: This series of Symposia is one of the international meeting places of the physical and mathematical communities. Each symposium reports on recent developments of microscopic and macroscopic systems and of related objects, with the aim to understand part of their structure, and to model some of their properties, through a mathematical framework which is based on different views, notions and methods of symmetry. Symmetries in this sense are a plethoric set and include e.g. classical geometry and geometric methods, group theory, algebras and their various deformations, super algebras, Lie theory, topology, differential geometry, non-commutative geometry and related functional analytic methods, approximation procedures and numerical evaluation techniques. (From: H.D. Doebner, Opening address of the Chairman of the Conference Board of the Symposia Series `Quantum Theory and Symmetries’, J Phys: Conf Series 343 (2012) 012001.)

In 2013, the QTS Symposium will take place in the week following the XLIII Latin American School of Physics Marcos Moshinsky (July 22 - August 1st) on Non-linear Dynamical Systems –in the same venue, which will foster the participation of researchers and students from this continent in both meetings.

The venue: El Colegio Nacional is a recognized center for activity in many branches of humanities and sciences. Its home is a colonial building in downtown historic Mexico City, a UNESCO cultural heritage of humanity in a safe and picturesque city quarter with several nearby hotels of various categories. See Historic Centre of Mexico City

Organization: Morning Sessions 9:00—13:00, Monday to Friday Afternoon Sessions 16:00—19:00, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Social events: Sunday 4 August, evening. Welcome cocktail. Wednesday 7. Free afternoon: Tour of Mexican History, from Tenochtitlan to the present. Attendance to a presentation of the Ballet Folklórico at the Bellas Artes opera house. Thursday night: Symposium dinner at the traditional Garibaldi Plaza.

Contact for QTS8: Kurt Bernardo Wolf (Chairman). Instituto de Ciencias Físicas. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Cuernavaca

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