Posgraduate studies in Physical Sciences UNAM Posgraduate studies in engeneering
Posgraduate studies in Sciences, State University of Morelos
Posgraduate studies in Physical Sciences UNAM

The Instituto de Ciencias Fisicas is one of the participating institutions of the Posgraduate studies in Phyisical Sciences program. This postgraduate program has been qualified with the máximum academic distiction “ International Excelence  postgraduate” by the funding agencies. This assessment is reflected in the financing of our students, which receive tuition fee waiving, a montly stipend and extra money to attend international conferences or visit other institutions.

The program is divided  in two areas:
MsC program (Physical Sciences)
PhD program (Physical Sciences)

In these two programs ( please click on the links above to learn more about the specific program you are interested in ) our students have the opportunity to develop their academic and research skills, in a wide variety of advanced topics such as:

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The academic activities enjoyed by our students are complemented with a friendly atmosphere and a wealth of cultural, scientific and social activities.

If you wish more information related to this program please contact Dr. Antonio Juarez  (  where the “_AT_” characters have to be replaced by the @ Symbol).

This postgraduate program has two dates for admission, one in march and the other in august. Please contact Dr Antonio Juarez for specific details.



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