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27th Brandt Ritchie Workshop
Particle Penetration Phenomena and Excitation of Solids

Playa del Carmen, Q. Roo, Mexico
December 17-19, 2007

It is a pleasure to announce the celebration of the 27th edition of the Brandt Ritchie Workshop in Playa del Carmen, Mexico during December 17-19, 2007. It continues a series of meetings held recently in San Sebastian (Spain, 2001), Namur (Belgium 2002), Playa del Carmen (Mexico, 2003), Berlin (Germany, 2004) , Gainesville (USA, 2005) and Paris (France, 2006). The workshop- whose name is devoted to Werner Brandt and Rufus Ritchie who were the original founders- has been traditionally an important arena for informal discussions of new - unpublished- results and new ideas on timely aspects in the study of particle penetration phenomena and electronic excitations in solids. The spirit of the workshop is meant to be an opportunity for a small group of active scientists to discuss- off the record and in an intimate setting- scientific ideas which would elicit interest, emotion and surprise. We strongly endorse this idea, hence contributions of published or fill-in work are not encouraged.


The 27th Brandt Ritchie Workshop will take place in the quiet and picturesque region of Playa del Carmen in the Mexican Caribbean on December 17 - 19, 2007 at the Iberostar Quetzal Hotel, whose inspiring surroundings will frame intense formal and informal scientific exchange.

Aims and Scope.

The Workshop is intended to deal with new ideas and developments- but not limited to- the role of material properties in particle penetration phenomena, induced excitation of surface and bulk plasmon states, collective excitations in low-dimensional structures, radiation interaction with organic and inorganic nanomaterials, non-linear phenomena in cluster-solid interactions, electronic and structural properties of materials under unconventional conditions, phase state effects on particle energy deposition, ultra-fast electron dynamics, dynamic charge states in ion-solid interactions and related various processes at surfaces, interfaces and nanostructures.

Program Schedule, Workshop Report and Registration.

Following tradition, the workshop will allow for enough time for presentations and discussions on an informal basis but with rigorous scientific level. The program will be planned as flexible as possible, running from 9:00 to 13:00 and then an evening session starting from 16:00 to 19:00 during the three days of duration of the workshop. The time for each contribution is estimated as 30 minutes, which means the schedule must be limited to 40 talks at most. So we encourage you to apply early.

As usual, the workshop report will consist in bound copies of all - as is- contributions. Please prepare and bring your contribution in the form you would like it to appear.

A registration fee of $200 US is established to help cover organization expenses. The registration fee will be received at the registration desk.

The registration and abstract submission deadline has been extended to : November 2nd, 2007.

You may submit your pre-registration request (Name, Institution, Tentative title of presentation) or any queries you may have to this e-mail address:
(Please indicate the name: BRW27 in the Subject line of your mail)

or via the link on the left menu for Pre-registration form.

Meeting Site.

Playa del Carmen (PlayaCar)1 is small town located some 45 km south of Cancun International Airport. The white-sandy beaches of PlayaCar and turquoise-clear waters as well as the quiet and relaxed atmosphere make this place ideal for inspiring scientific exchange. Most services are available around the corner (shops, pharmacies, restaurants, coffee stands,etc.). The Island of Cozumel2 is at a 30 minutes travel distance from town by ferry- a world-famous place due to its spectacular coral reefs. Tulum3- the ancient Mayan white-stoned city with its spectacular view of the Caribbean- is about 65 km south of PlayaCar. If you have some spare time before or after the Workshop this could be a nice place to take a break4.

(1) http://

a map of PlayaCar is in:

(2) http://

(3) http://

(4) See also:




There are various hotels with excellent facilities at Playa del Carmen. We have made a careful selection and found most appropriate the Iberostar Quetzal5, for an “all inclusive” rate of $ 141 US/ night/person single occupancy and $ 111 USD/night/person double occupancy (all taxes, surcharges and fees are included). The advantage of this ALL INCLUSIVE rate over a regular fare at another site is that accomodation + buffet-style or a la carte meals, room-service, national wine and spirits, snacks, etc.) are included for the same price. The Ibertostar Quetzal Resort will be the Headquarters Hotel. you may check the facilities here:

Unfortunately we cannot make hotel reservations. We strongly recommend you to make your own reservations well in advance.

Reservations at the Headquarters Hotel:

Note that the Organizing Committee has not put aside hotel rooms for the meeting participants ( due to the strong initial advance payment required). Please make your booking well in advance.

How to reserve:

1.- Please, send an e-mail using the headline: BRW27 in the subject line to:

Ms. Feliciana Sandoval

2.- Specify that you are attending the BRW27 Meeting and provide:

type of room (single/double)
dates of arrival/departure
name(s) of guest(s)

you will receive further communication from them to confirm your reservation.

Please note: If you are planning to arrive earlier than Dec. 17 and leave later than Dec. 19, it is important to make your room reservations well in advance to guarantee availability for those dates. Furthermore, after December 20th, the room rates rise considerably due to the high-season term.

If you have any trouble in making your reservations we shall be happy to assist you through the e-mail address :

Reservations at other hotels:

Although we recommend you to sign in at the headquarters hotel so that everyone is at reach within the large installations, you may choose other hotels1,2,7 . If you decide so, please take a look at the map2 in the link Playa del Carmen and see which hotels are close to Iberostar.

Unfortunately we cannot make hotel reservations. We strongly recommend you to make your own reservations well in advance.

If you wish to reserve accommodation in another hotel, you can do so via the web pages of the various hotels (safe and standard):

(5) http://


(7) http://


The Cancun International Airport supports flights from departure centers the world over. Additionally, there are routinely cheap charter flights from several points in the USA, Canada and Europe during the time of celebration of the event.

A shuttle service service is available at the Cancun International Airport to and from the Meeting place. There is also a regular - by the hour-shuttle bus service departing from the Airport to PlayaCar. In our next circular, the details of shuttle transportation costs and schedule for buses as well as site location maps will be distributed.

Contact email address.

Any queries or additional information may be requested to Dr. Salvador Cruz at the following email address :

International Organizing Committee:

N. Arista, R.A. Baragiola, G.J. Basbas, O.H. Crawford, S. A. Cruz, P.M. Echenique, V. Esaulov, F. Flores, A. Lucas, R.H. Ritchie, J.R. Sabin, H. Winter, Y. Yamazaki.

Local Organizing Committee:

R. Cabrera-Trujillo (ICF-UNAM) , S.A. Cruz (UAM-I) , J. Jiménez-Mier (ICN-UNAM), J. L. Rodriguez-López (IPICyT-UASLP), J. Soullard (IF-UNAM)

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