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General Information

The purpose of this workshop is to get an overall picture of the different numerical schemes and codes used in the field of planet-disc interactions. Since the publication a decade ago of de Val-Borro et al. (2006), the problematics of planet-disc interactions have significantly evolved and new generations of schemes and techniques have emerged.

One of the objectives of this workshop would be to encourage a new code comparison project, which could include topics such as three-dimensional and small-scale aspects of the flow, gap opening, and others that may be suggested during the workshop.

The workshop will be held over the period Nov 20-24, 2017, in CIC , just across the street from the Institute of Physical Sciences of UNAM, in Cuernavaca (about 70 km south of Mexico City). Facilities at CIC include a large number of offices and two seminar rooms. The format of the meeting will consist in informal talks during the morning, and work or brainstorming sessions in the afternoons.

Excerpt from de Val-Borro et al. (2006): "Communication is also hugely important [...] Better still would have been to have held a longer workshop (perhaps a week) where everyone could gather, discuss and run their codes together."


This section is closed. All participants have received information about their hotel. We will send shortly the information for those at the guesthouse. We emphasise that you do not have anything to do about your reservation: the LOC takes care of your booking. Please let us know if there is a change in your arrival or departure date with respect to the information you provided us with.



The nearest and most convenient airport is the International Airport of Mexico City (MEX). From there, you can take an Uber car (the ride cost in the UberX category ranges from 40 EUR/46 USD to 53 EUR/ 63 USD, and takes 1h30 – 2h). For your arrival, this is the simplest option. Those who have already come to Cuernavaca, or are fluent Spanish speakers, may also consider the option of taking a bus (Pullman de Morelos) from the airport to Cuernavaca (the one-way ticket is about 12 EUR-14 USD), and then a cab. For your departure, you will get help from the LOC to go to the airport on a direct bus.



Confirmed participants:


Pawel Artymowicz (Univ. of Toronto)

Pablo Benítez-Llambay (Niels Bohr Institute)

Eduard Bopp (MPIA)

Simon Casassus (Univ. of Chile)

Nicolas Cimerman (Univ. of Tübingen)

Aurélien Crida (OCA)

Sarah Dodson-Robinson (Univ. of Delaware, remote)

Ruobing Dong (Berkeley)

Mark Fletcher (Univ. of Leicester)

Mario Flock (Caltech, remote)

Jeffrey Fung (Berkeley)

Sébastien Fromenteau (UNAM)

Paula Granados (Univ. of British Columbia)

Cassandra Hall (Univ. of Leicester)

Maria Han Veiga (Univ. of Zürich)

Tomoyuki Hanawa (Univ. of Chiba)

Tom Hands (Univ. of Zürich)

Fergus Horrobin (Univ. of Toronto)

Leonardo Krapp (Niels Bohr Institute)

Elena Lega (OCA, remote)

Wladimir Lyra (California State University)

Frédéric Masset (UNAM)

Colin McNally (QMUL)

Diego Muñoz (Northwestern)

Sijme-Jan Paardekooper (QMUL)

Paola Pinilla (Univ. of Arizona)

Zsolt Regály (Konkoly Observatory)

Antoine Riols (IPAG)

Giovanni Rosotti (IoA, Cambridge)

Zsolt Sándor (Univ. of Budapest)

Ji-Ming Shi (Princeton)

Miguel de Val-Borro (NASA Goddard, remote)

David Velasco (UNAM)

Zhaohuan Zhu (Univ. of Nevada)


Organizing committee


Scientific Organizing Committee

Willy Kley

Wladimir Lyra

Frédéric Masset

Farzana Meru

Miguel de Val-Borro

Local Organizing Committee

Sonia Cornejo

Sébastien Fromenteau

Frédéric Masset

David Velasco