All foreign participants will be arriving at Mexico City Airport (AICM, Aeropuerto Internacional de la Ciudad de México). We give hereafter indications on how to get to the bus desk, and we suggest a meeting point to gather with participants from other flights. Those arriving at Terminal 1 will be exiting the customs on the ground floor. The bus desk is on the first floor. When exiting customs, turn left and walk until you see a conveyor belt leading to the first floor on your left (note as you walk along the main corridor that there are many ATMs around which accept international credit cards and account cards). Once on the upper floor, look for the fast food area (it is a relatively small place). We suggest to use one of the sides of this fast food area as a meeting point, as in the sketch below (click on the picture to see a full resolution version).

The suggested meeting point is at one end of a bridge that leads directly to the desk of Pullman de Morelos (the regular bus line that goes to Cuernavaca). Ask for a ticket to "Cuernavaca" (the only destination in Cuernavaca is indifferently called "Cuernavaca", "Cuernavaca Casino de la Selva" or "Cuernavaca Casino", that's all the same place). You can check your luggage when you buy the bus ticket (230 MXP per person). You will be given a luggage receipt, which is required to claim your luggage on arrival. You can then go to the waiting room. The buses are announced approximately 15 minutes prior to their departure. Once your bus is announced you can take the conveyor belt to the boarding platform. The bus to Cuernavaca is usually very close to end of the belt, on the right side. The logo "Pullman de Morelos" is written on its sides.

Information for those arriving at Terminal 2: this terminal is much smaller than terminal 1, and finding the bus terminal is much easier than finding the bus terminal of terminal 1. Terminal 2 is essentially a rectangle, and the bus terminal is on one of its small sides. You can ask any guard in the exit hall for the bus terminal (terminal de autobuses). We suggest to use the bus terminal as a meeting point.

Note: A bus ride from the airport to Cuernavaca starts at Terminal 1. Ten minutes later, the bus makes a halt at Terminal 2, picks up travellers, and then goes non-stop to Cuernavaca. With a bit of coordination over Whatsapp or email, you can save yourself from a terminal change and simply meet with colleagues directly in the bus at Terminal 2. If you really want to change terminal prior to boarding the bus, you may take an inter-terminal bus (transporte interterminales), for a fare of 12.5 MXP (payable directly to the driver). The inter-terminal bus is located near exit gate 6 in Terminal 1, and near exit gate 4 in Terminal 2. The train that links both terminals can only be used by travellers with a valid boarding pass (i.e. travellers about to depart), and therefore cannot be used upon arrival.


Taxi information and tips

Vans from the airport, most taxis from the airport, and Uber cars obviously, do have GPS, but their drivers don’t know Cuernavaca. On the other hand if you opt for a Pullman de Morelos bus ride to Cuernavaca, you will have to take a local taxi when you exit from the bus station (there are many taxis waiting outside, and Uber cars prefer to stay away from this part of the station owing to the conflict that opposes traditional taxis to Uber in many places, Cuernavaca included). Local taxis do not usually have GPS, but their drivers know Cuernavaca pretty well. Local taxis only accept payment in cash, and cannot issue receipts. You may also pay for your local taxi at the taxi desk *before* exiting the bus station, in which case you’ll only have to handle a voucher to the driver, and you will be able to keep a proof of purchase. This is the recommended option. Note that if you happen to have to pay a taxi in cash, the driver might not always have change for banknotes over 100 pesos, so please ensure that you have small change before boarding.

Note for the participants lodged at the Racquet Club hotel only: one participant noticed in the PDF leaflet sent to the guests of this hotel that the address to select in Uber to get to the hotel was not the address in the header of that same leaflet. Well, both addresses are technically the same, the shorter one being an abbreviation of the longer one. They should point to the exact same location on the map, but, for deeply mysterious reasons, in Google maps/Waze/Uber, they don't, they are significantly offset from each other (presumably owing to the large size of the domain on which the hotel is built). Anyway, please follow the indications given in the leaflet, they are correct.


Getting to the workshop location (CIC)

Here is a map of a part of the campus showing the location of the CIC (Centro Internacional de Ciencias). On the first day you will be arriving through the roundabout on the left of the picture, at the campus main gate. Monday 20 being holiday, you may get controlled by the guards, who have a list of the participants. The driver will then turn left, uphill, and will follow the main circuit until a signpost to the left saying Instituto de Biotecnología. Just before the gate of that institute, there is a little path on the left which leads to the CIC.

The full address in Uber is: Centro Internacional de Ciencias AC, Avenidad Universidad, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos. In red the characters that you need to typeset in the app to get the CIC as the first suggestion for completion.

The coordinates of CIC are: (18.984128, -99.234900) or (18° 59' 2.86", -99° 14' 5.64")

Campus Map


Organizing committee


Scientific Organizing Committee

Willy Kley

Wladimir Lyra

Frédéric Masset

Farzana Meru

Miguel de Val-Borro

Local Organizing Committee

Sébastien Fromenteau

Frédéric Masset

David Velasco