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2.- Polyene Antibiotics Physical Chemistry and Their Effect on Lipid Membranes; Impacting Biological Processes and Medical Applications Liga a la publicación

3.- Formation and Nanoscale Characterization of Asymmetric Supported Lipid Bilayers Containing Raft-Like Domains. Liga a la publicación

4.- TBC1D10C is a cytoskeletal functional linker that modulates cell spreading and phagocytosis in macrophages Liga a la publicación

5.- Preclinical safety evaluation of amphotericin A21: A novel antifungal Liga a la publicación

6.- Asymmetric bilayers mimicking membrane rafts prepared by lipid exchange: Nanoscale characterization using AFM-Force spectroscopy Liga a la publicación

7.- A general purpose acetonitrile interaction potential to describe its liquid, solid and gas phases Liga a la publicación

8.- Asymmetric bilayers mimicking membrane rafts prepared by lipid exchange: Nanoscale characterization using AFM-Force spectroscopy Liga a la publicación

9.- Biophysical characterization of the insertion of two potent antimicrobial peptides-Pin2 and its variant Pin2 [GVG] in biological model membranes Liga a la publicación

10.- Morphology and dynamics of domains in ergosterol or cholesterol containing membranes Liga a la publicación

11.- A molecular dynamics study proposing the existence of statistical structural heterogeneity due to chain orientation in the POPC-cholesterol bilayer Liga a la publicación

12.- Tetraspanin 33 (TSPAN33) regulates endocytosis and migration of human B lymphocytes by affecting the tension of the plasma membrane Liga a la publicación

13.- Título: Biophysical characterization of the insertion of two potent antimicrobial peptides-Pin2 and its variant Pin2[GVG] in biological model membranes Autores: Brandt Bertrand, Sathishkumar Munusamy, José-FranciscoEspinosa-Romero, Gerardo Corzo, Iván Arenas Sosa, Arturo Galván-Hernández, Iván Ortega-Blake, Pablo Luis Hernández-Adame, JaimeRuiz-García, José-LuisVelasco-Bolom, Ramón Garduño-Juárez, Carlos Munoz-Garay Revista: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Biomembranes, vol 1862, 183105, 2020. Estatus: PUBLICADO Liga a la publicación

14.- Título: Morphology and dynamics of domains in ergosterol or cholesterol containing membranesAutores: Arturo Galván-Hernández, Naritaka Kobayashi, Jorge Hernández-Cobos, Armando Antillón, Seiichiro Nakabayashi, Iván Ortega-BlakeRevista: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - BiomembranesVolumen: 1862Páginas: 183101Fecha de publicación: 1 Febrero 2020Estatus: PUBLICADO  Liga a la publicación

15.- Título: A Molecular Dynamics Study Proposing the Existence of Statistical Structural Heterogeneity due to Chain Orientation in the POPC-cholesterol bilayer Autores: FernandoFavela-Rosalesa, ArturoGalván-Hernández, JorgeHernández-Cobos, Naritaka Kobayashi, Mauricio D.Carbajal-Tinoco, Seiichiro Nakabayashi, IvánOrtega-Blake Revista: Biophysical Chemistry Volumen: 257 Páginas: 106275, Fecha: Febrero 2020 Estatus: PUBLICADO Liga a la publicación

16.-  José David Flores-Romero, Josué Rodríguez-Lozada, Manuel López-Ortiz, Ricardo Magaña, Iván Ortega-Blake, Ignacio Regla, and Mario Fernández-Zertuche.  Multigram Scale Synthesis of A21, A New Antibiotic Equally Effective and Less Toxic than Amphotericin B. Org. Process Res. Dev. 2016, 20, 1529−1532. Liga a la publicación

17.- Jesús Gonzalo Canché-Tello, Maria Cristina Vargas, Jorge Hernandez-Cobos, Iván Ortega-Blake, Amelier-Lorenzo Solari, Christophe Den Auwer, Jose Mustre de Leon, "Interpretation of X-ray. Absortion Spectra of As(III) in Solution using Monte Carlo simulations". J. Phys. Chem. A.,118(46). 10967- 10973, (2914), DOI : 10.1021/jp5061232  

18.- Rodriguez Plaza JG, Morales-Nava R, Diener C, Schreiber G, Gonzalez Z.D, Lara Ortiz MT, Ortega-Blake I, Pantoja O, Volkmer R, Klipp E, Herrmann A, Del Rio G.,"Cell Penetrating Peptides and Cationic Antibacterial Peptides. Two sides of the same coin". J Biol Chem. May 23;289(21): 14448-57, 2014, DOI: 10.107

19.- Alejandro Ramírez-Solís; Minhhuy Ho; Jorge Hernández-Cobos; Iván Ortega-Blake Theoretical studies on the optimal X(OH)3-H2O (X = N, P, Sb) complexes: Interaction energies and topological analysis of the electronic density. Chem. Phys. Letts., 524,20–24, (2012), doi :10.1016/j.cplett.2011.12.044   Liga a la publicación

20.- Jorge Hernández Cobos, Alejandro Ramirez-Solis, Laurent Maron, and Ivan Ortega-Blake, Theoretical study of the aqueous solvation of HgCl2. Monte Carlo simulations using MP2-derived flexible polarizable interaction potentials.
J. Chem.Phys., 136, 014502 (2012),.[doi:10.1063/1.3673780]  

21.- Swiniarskaa M., Andrzej Leś, Rodeb W., Cieslab J., Millán-Pacheco C, Ortega-Blake I., Pastor N.
Segmental Motions of Rat Thymidylate Synthase Leading to Half-the-Sites Behaviour
Biopolymers 93 549-559 (2010)

22.- María Luisa San-Román, Jorge Hernández-Cobos, Humberto Saint-Martin and Iván Ortega-Blake, A theoretical study of the hydration of Rb+ by Monte Carlo simulations with refined ab initio-based model potentials,  Theoret. Chem Acc. 126:197-211, (2010) .
Liga a la publicación

23.- J. Hernández-Cobos,M. Cristina Vargas, A. Ramírez-Solís, and I. Ortega-Blake,  Aqueous solvation of As(OH)3: A Monte Carlo study with flexible polarizable classical interaction potentials, J. Chem. Phys. 133, 114501, (2010)


24.- Valdéz-González M.∗ , Saint-Martin, H., Hernández-Cobos, J., Sánchez- Marcos E., Ayala R., Ortega-Blake I.,
"Liquid methanol Monte Carlo simulations with refined potential which includes polarizability, non-additivity and intramolecular relaxation"
Journal of Chemical Physics 127. Art. No. 224507 (2007)
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Dr. Ortega Blake got his first degree in Physics at UNAM. Afterwards a M. Sc. in mathematics at Oxford University and a Ph.D in biophysics at Edinburgh University. He has been doing teaching and research at UNAM, UAM, UAEM and Cinvestav. His main research areas are molecular physics and biophysics, and its main topic, cellular transmembrane transport. As a result of his research he coordinated a team that developed a derivative of the antimicotic Amphotericin B with great advantage in the collateral toxicity on mammalian cells. He is now also involved in the effort of transferring this product for therapeutic application. He has been director of several institutes and schools at UNAM, UAEM and Cinvestav. He has received several distinctions, among others, SNI level III, the Canifarma prize in 2016 and recently was awarded an Honoris Causa doctorate from UAEM.