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1.- Pyridinic N anchored Ag and Au hybrids for detoxification of organic pollutants Liga a la publicación

2.- Electrochemical charge storage performance of in-situ etched carbonized ZIF-8 aerogels

3.- CO2 gas sensing properties of graphitic carbon nitride (g-C3N4) thin films

4.- Studies on the effect of long-chain and head groups of nonionic surfactants synthesized from palm and coconut oil on the formation of silver nanoparticles Liga a la publicación

5.- CeO2? x quantum dots decorated nitrogen-doped hollow porous carbon for supercapacitors Liga a la publicación

6.- g-C3N4/Carbon spheres composite for efficient photoreduction and simultaneous removal of chromium Liga a la publicación

7.- N-Doped Carbon Dots Derived from Melamine and Triethanolamine for Selective Sensing of Fe3+ Ions Liga a la publicación

8.- Flame Sprayed LaNi5-Based Mischmetal Alloy: Building-up Negative Electrodes for Potential Application in Ni-Based Batteries Liga a la publicación

9.- High performance, self-powered and thermally stable 200750 nm spectral responsive gallium nitride (GaN) based broadband photodetectors Liga a la publicación

10.- Layered materials and their heterojunctions for supercapacitor applications: a review Liga a la publicación

11.- Structural, optical and photoresponse characteristics of metal-insulator-semiconductor (MIS) type Au/Ni/CeO2/GaN Schottky barrier ultraviolet photodetector Liga a la publicación

12.- Highly exfoliated g-C3N4 as turn OFF-ON (Ag+/CN-) optical sensor and the intermediate (g-C3N4@Ag) for catalytic hydrogenation Liga a la publicación

13.- Facile Synthesis of Zn Doped g-C3N4 for Enhanced Visible Light Driven Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production Liga a la publicación

14.- Zerovalent nickel nanoparticles performance towards Cr(VI) adsorption in polluted water Liga a la publicación

15.- Título:Development of bioconjugated nano-molecules against targeted microbial pathogens for enhanced bactericidal activity Autores:Syed Baker, M.N. Nagendra Prasad, Raghuraj Singh Chouhan, K. Mohan Kumar, S. Satish, Revista: Materials Chemistry and Physics Volumen: 242 Páginas: 122292 Fecha de publicación:15 February 2020 Estatus: Publicado   Liga a la publicación

16.- Título: Green fabrication of 2D platinum superstructures and their high catalytic activity for mitigation of organic pollutants Autores: NKR Bogireddy, U. Pal, MK Kesarla, JM Dominguez, L. Martinez Gomez, V. Agarwal Reista: Catalysis Today Volume: In press Pages: In press Publication date: 2019/06/15 Estatus: PUBLICADO   Liga a la publicación

17.- Título: Fabrication of g-C3N4/TiO2 heterojunction composite for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen production Autores: S. Godavarthi. M.A. Alcudia-Ramos, M.O. Fuentez-Torres, F. Ortiz-Chi, C.G. Espinosa-González, N. Hernández Como, D.S. García-Zaleta, M.K. Kesarla, J.G. Torres-Torres, V. Collins-Martínez Revista: Ceramics International Volumen:46(1) Páginas: 38-45 Fecha de publicación: 2019/08/28 Estatus: PUBLICADO Liga a la publicación

18.- Título: Transformation of g-C3N4 into onion like carbon on nickel nanoparticles for ultrafast hydrogenation Autores: Mohan Kumar Kesarla, Nallabala Nanda Kumar Reddy, Filiberto Ortiz-Chi, Claudia Guadalupe Espinosa-González, José Gilberto Torres Torres, Norberto Hernandez-Como, Srinivas Godavarthi, Lorenzo Martinez Gomez Revista: Materials Chemistry and Physics Volumen: 240 Páginas: 122157 Fecha de publicación:2019/09/11 Estatus: Publicado Liga a la publicación

19.- Titulo:  Green synthesis of Ce3+ rich CeO2 nanoparticles and its antimicrobial studiesAutores: K. Mohan Kumar, M. Mahendhiran, M. Casales Diaz, N. Hernandez-Como, A. Hernandez-Eligio, Gilberto Torres-Torres, S. Godavarthi, L. Martinez GomezRevista: Materials LettersPagina: 15-19Volumen: 214Fecha de publicación: marzo 2018Estatus: PUBLICADO
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1.- MXene-based flexible polymer composites as high dielectric constant materials

2.- MXenes and their composites: emerging materials for gas sensing and biosensing

3.- Biomedical Applications of MXenes