“Entropy production in the electronic transport in nanoscopic systems “

“Entropy production in the electronic transport in nanoscopic systems “


In this talk I will present an approach to describe the thermodynamic properties of nonequilibrium quantum systems at the nanoscale. One of the main difficulties of this kind of study – both at the classical and at the quantum level – is that such systems do not have a large number of constituents and, therefore, do not satisfy one of the fundamental premises of microscopic theories that describe thermodynamic relationships. Another central problem is associated with the difficulty of making a distinction between the “system”, the “bath” and its “interfaces” in very tiny objects. I will discuss how to deal with these problems using the Landauer-Büttiker approach for the calculation of the entropy production in electronic transport. The latter reproduces the results of standard thermoelectric theories as well as approaches based on information theory, besides allowing to calculate entropy fluctuations and study the newly proposed thermodynamic uncertainty relations (TUR). If time allows, I will show how the formalism can be extended to time-dependent systems, an essential element for the understanding quantum engines.

Transmisión vía Youtube en: bit.ly/YouTube_ICF

Participante: Dr. Caio Lewenkopf

Institución: Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil

Fecha y hora: Este evento terminó el Miércoles, 13 de Octubre de 2021