"Emergent Complex Behaviour in Active Matter"

"Emergent Complex Behaviour in Active Matter"

"After a brief introduction of active particles, I’ll present some recent advances on the study of active particles in complex and crowded environments. First, I’ll show that active particles can work as microswimmers and microengines powered by critical fluctuations and controlled by light. Then, I’ll discuss some examples of behavior of active particles in crowded environments: a few active particles alter the overall dynamics of a system; active particles create metastable clusters and channels; active matter leads to non-Boltzmann distributions and alternative non-equilibrium relations; and active colloidal molecules can be created and controlled by light.

Finally, I’ll present some examples of the behavior of active particles in complex environments: active particles often perform 2D active Brownian motion; active particles at liquid-liquid interfaces behave as active interstitials or as active atoms; and the environment alters the optimal search strategy for active particles in complex topologies."

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Participante: Dr. Giovanni Volpe

Institución: Universidad de Gotemburgo

Fecha y hora: Este evento terminó el Miércoles, 13 de Febrero de 2019